Trends and Facts About Ice Cream Franchises

The global ice cream market is projected to expand by 11.5% by 2010, according to market analysts. In fact, global revenues for ice cream were estimated at $36 billion. Ice cream is big business in the US. It is a $20 billion industry that is bolstered by US consumers, who spend up to 1/3 of their food and beverage budget on products that are consumed purely for enjoyment purposes and not nutritional value. That means people will continue to buy ice cream, even with fads like the health food craze. That’s good news for ice cream franchises, as choosing a great location means big profits. Since ice cream is usually an impulse purchase, setting up your ice cream franchise in a location with high foot traffic means you can get lots of customers. In fact, $10.2 billion, or 28% of the global ice cream market, was made up of impulse purchases. The ice cream market in the US definitely mirrors these global market trends, with an estimated rate of 9.3% growth by 2010. With different types of ice cream franchises available, including traditional homemade ice cream stores, frozen yogurt stores and gelato stores opening up, there are many different options for potential franchisees to choose from. Start capitalizing on this market potential today, and consider an ice cream franchise!