Ice cream roll franchise is the hottest business trend of 2018

Ice cream is the perfect treat for any season. In the summer, you can cool off from a delicious scoop of your favorite flavor of ice cream, and in the winter, you can bring out the best in the cold weather by enjoying your favorite slice of hot pie accompanied by your favorite flavor of ice cream. Ice cream business, a subset of the dairy industry has steadily grown over the years. The growing middle class and culture of dining out have given a tremendous boost to the ice cream industry, which is expected to record healthy growth rates over the next decade. Improvements in the availability of power and growing distribution of cold chain networks are further expected to strengthen and help the ice cream businesses.
Ice-cream is known to be a seasonal product with tremendous demand in the summer season, but in recent years, consumption of ice-cream and other frozen desserts in winters has been on the rise. The consumer has very well accepted and enjoyed ice-cream during winters too. Also, festive season and great promotions and schemes like Buy One Get One attract patrons even more. Ice cream sales have grown significantly over the past five years, with the uptick primarily driven by expanding sales in emerging regions like China and Brazil—markets that now account for two-fifths of global ice cream sales.
Most of the countries have tropical weather; with summers being the longest weather in the country. Thus, in niche food businesses, the Ice Cream business seems to be the most lucrative. Over the last couple of years, ice cream parlor business has seen some rapid innovation. Earlier roadside carts were common among the people and were frequented by mostly children and youngsters. Nowadays, the concept of ice cream parlors is fast gaining popularity, where people can enjoy ice cream at leisure. The reason behind this changing trend is clear – one is the increasing disposable income of the middle-class family, and secondly, the western culture is influencing the consumer habits. These macro and microeconomic factors make the ice cream business more viable and profitable in present times.